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11 months ago

How will you show off your project?

There are less than 3 weeks remaining in Google Maps Platform Hackathon. Be sure to submit your project by November 14, 2022 @ 5 PM ET


Start your submission now 

Starting a submission is a good way to make sure that you have all the requirements. There’s nothing worse than getting to the deadline, only to realize that you’re missing a key component. 

Remember: once you submit a project, you can keep editing it as needed at any time prior to the submission deadline. Need a primer on how the submission form works? Head over to our submission form tutorial


  Prepare your video

Your developer expertise may be behind the scenes. However, the submission video needs time too! It's often the first (and sometimes only!) thing that judges review.

Your video tells the story behind your submission, a clear showcase of your software and talent: 

  • You only have 3 minutes to make an impression; make it count! 
  • Prep your elevator pitch and don’t forget to include the following:
    • How your project meets the hackathon requirements
    • Tools you used
    • Problem your project addresses
  • Demo your project in a way that shows judges how real-world users will interact and benefit from it
  • Time-saving Tip
    • Write out your script and practice it before you record to ensure you cover everything in the time limit without diminishing the quality of your explainer
  • Pro(crastinator) Tip
    • We CANNOT stress this enough: Don't wait until the last minute to upload your video! Due to file size, format, and your Internet connection, uploading a video to YouTube could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours 
    • There have been many times a submission becomes ineligible due to errors with video rendering and uploading

Lights, Camera, Action!