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about 1 year ago

Find your solution

Google Maps Platform provides real-world insights and location solutions to your web and mobile applications. 

In this hackathon we invite you to use at least two Google Maps Platform APIs in at least one of the ways below.

Map Customization

Use Cloud-based map styling to create custom map styles with real-time updates across all devices and platforms. The new Cloud-based map styling makes it easy to tailor experiences for specific industries or customer needs with hundreds of customization types.

See examples and more details about how to customize your map.

Data Visualization

Let data tell a unique story. Help make decisions and improve overall operational efficiencies by displaying data on your map.  

See examples and learn more about how to visualize data on a map.

Mobile App

Use Google Maps Platform mobile SDKs to connect your mobile app and the real world. Leverage mobile SDKs to build dynamic, interactive, geospatial experiences for your mobile app.

See the available SDKs.

User Experience

Provide a unique experience for your app users with Google Maps Platform APIs and tools. Whether it’s unique transit information, a delivery game, or beyond, discover the breadth of capabilities Google Maps Platform has to offer.