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12 months ago

New Google Maps Platform capabilities and demos

Have you heard the news? Google Maps Platform recently announced new capabilities that you will soon be able to incorporate into your project. 


Advanced Markers for JavaScript
  • Advanced Markers helps you create highly customized, faster performance markers that provide a richer user experience, showcase your brand and save developer time and resources. Now available in Preview.


New Routes API: more informative and flexible routes
  • Routes API enables you to provide more informative and flexible routes for your users, and improves ETA accuracy. The Routes API provides new advanced features including 2-wheel routes for motorbikes, tolls data, visualizing real-time traffic along a route, smarter waypoints, and fine-tuned controls for reducing latency. Now available in Preview - read the blog to learn more.
  • Power trips with eco-friendly routing in your app so your users can make sustainable decisions. Select engine type and see fuel consumption data across single and multiple routing trips, and even across your entire fleet. Eco-friendly routing will be available in Preview in select countries in the coming months - read the blog to learn more.


New Address Validation API
  • Address Validation is a new API that helps identify address components, fixes errors, and augments addresses with missing data, which helps prevent canceled orders, customer support tickets, and refunds. Coming soon! 

Plus, there are two newly released demos that showcase some of these new capabilities in action! 

Take a grand tour through Barcelona and retro Tokyo to explore historical landmarks and unearth hidden mementos. Learn how Google Maps Platform products and features come together to create this unique geospatial experience. 

We hope these features and demos inspire you and give you a sense of what is possible with Google Maps Platform. We can’t wait to see what you build.