•   12 months ago

How we can join the running project

I'm new beginner so this way of discussion is useful for me as well as the beginner of devpost

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  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hello and welcome! Some ways to join a team would be on the Participants tab (https://googlemapsplatform.devpost.com/participants) or on the Discord #hackathon channel (https://discord.gg/f4hvx8Rp2q).

    On the Participants tab - Be sure to mark your Team Settings as 'looking for teammates' and then filter for others 'looking for teammates.' Check out other participant skills and interests and then you can then send a 'Request team-up' message.

    On Discord - feel free to check out other introductions in the #hackathon channel and introduce yourself and what you might be interested in working on.

    Best of luck!

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